My brother is so cheap that he would deliberately break up with a girl he was seeing just before Valentice’s Day or just before Christmas – just so he wouldn’t have to buy her a present!

So this year I have been seeing a guy for a couple of months and out of the blue he sends me a text and says that he needs more space and doesn’t want to see me as much. It made me think of my brother’s cheap habit and I was not real receptive. The timing stinks – I was hoping for a warm and cozy Valentine’s Day and now that has evaporated.

Honey, let me tell you, if we have been dating each other exclusively for several months and all of a sudden you want to start dating other people and you tell me in a text message? You are a coward.

And you don’t want to completely break up with me – you just want to include other women in your life? No way, Jose – I’m not willing to be your booty call.

So this year I bought my own valentince gift. I picked out a nice box of Godiva chocolates and will enjoy one piece each night by myself for a month or so until they are all gone.

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