For some reason I always thought that Myrtle Beach was in North Carolina, come to find out that it is actually in South Carolina, don’t I feel foolish! I only found out this information recently due to my parents planning a week’s get away at a very nice, but very affordable North Myrtle Beach Resort that they found online at My mother just sent me the link yesterday so that I could check it out and tell her what I think of the place.  They have some nice North Myrtle Beach Resorts to offer there. I’m sure that my folks will enjoy their time there, I’d love to go with them, but I wasn’t invited, sigh….. But that is all right, they haven’t been anywhere alone together for so very long, they deserve it and I hope the weather is perfect for them when they go.

It really will do them a world of good to get away and have a nice place to rest their heads at night after a long day of fun in the sun and playing tourist. I’m glad that my mother did her homework and found the great deal at her choice of a decent Myrtle Beach Resort.  Tourism is on the down slide these days, people are hanging on to their $$$, so there are deals to be found and the Internet makes the task of finding the right deals so much easier than using a travel agent, as was done in the good old days.

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