Years ago when I first discovered blogging I made a free blog on a web site and gave it a try. Since I was new to the whole thing I figured that a free blog would meet my needs and not pose a financial risk. I was also concerned that if I didn’t like blogging and abandoned it, then I would not be wasting any money on a free blog. But blogging actually caught on and now everyone is doing it, and I’ve discovered that I really like having a place to vent and rant and voice my opinions on any and every thing.

So I soon realized that a free blog no longer meets my needs. I asked some of my IT buddies about finding a web hosting company and setting up a new blog that I would take more seriously than the first free one that I made. My geeks sent me right to a web site called and told me to read over the webmaster reviews and information on the top ten hosting sites so I could figure out what I need. So if you are thinking about making the switch to paid web site hosting, this is the best place to get started. Read some of the articles while you are there – you’ll learn something!

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