So many people have been romanced with the Johnny Depp version of pirates that the ambushes and hostage taking by Somali pirates is not being taken seriously. Until just a couple years ago that group of “real day” pirates took an American Captain and demanded a huge ransom for his release. People just are not aware of how these pirates have been taking ships off the African coast for years and are just now getting the worldwide attention and outrage.

I’m glad that the Navy Seals killed all three Somali pirates who were threatening the American Captain. I’m glad they were not taken alive and then put through a convoluted international justice system. I hope the news that they were killed sends a strong message to the Somali government and other pirates that we and the rest of the world who are shipping in international waters are fed up with their actions and there will be no more “Mr. Nice Guy.” This is just my opinion, but something tells me that I am not the only one who feels that way and I would guess that I would be in the majority this time around when it comes to politics. Not something that I usually talk about but just had to get off of my chest.



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