When I hear of a “kill switch” I immediately think of the days back when we were all into racing our cares. We were young, and had that feeling of beingĀ  totally invincible, It’s a wonder none of us got seriously injured or killed doing some of that incredibly stupid stunts, trying our hardest to push it to the limits in an attempt to impress and out do our piers. It wasn’t unusual to find a mini switch somewhere on the dash or on the column that would kill the engine if it was to be switched to the off position. Much like the kill switch found on jet skis.

Having a mini switch on an amplifier just didn’t come to mind when we were talking about various music related topics during Christmas dinner. Since I am not totally comfortable talking about something I don’t know anything about, I get to sit back and watch the reactions of others that are included in the conversation. My family tends to be so animated and dramatic at times, some times it’s best to just keep silent and watch the show.

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