Right after Christmas and my birthday, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I used to love wearing my costume to school all day on Halloween. We would spend most of that day having fun, playing games, having costume contests and then the best part was when we all (the whole school) marched around the playground, around the parking lot and then around the block once around to come back inside where they had tables set up and manned with school personnel that passed out/handed out candies, toys and other Halloween appropriate stuff. We put all the goodies in the trick or treat bags that we made earlier that day in art class that we got to take home after school that day.

So after a full day of Halloween festivities at school, we would get home and pester our parents to hurry up and feed us dinner so that we could get out and hit the streets as soon as the sun showed the slightest attempt of setting to where it was technically all right to start trick or treating. We lived in a great neighborhood back then. It was rare to see a house blacked out on Halloween. The ones that you did see did put a bowl out with the trusting sign asking people to only take one. And I do believe that the majority of kids that approached those bowels actually did only take one, two at the most and immediately moved on to the next house. Those were good times, good clean honest fun. Never heard any negative stories from our neighborhood.

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