One of the great things about living in a small town is the way everyone comes together on holidays. In our town, we celebrate Memorial Day with a Parade at noon and a community picnic at the park. The Parade features the local veterans group, floats by some of the businesses like the bank and the grocery store. Then there is always the fire department that brings two of their trucks and an ambulance, the local high school marching bands and a float with the new class president and student council officers.

One of my favorites are the couple of clowns that entertain at children’s birthday parties as well as a chance for kids who want to decorate their bikes to ride in the parade and have a shot at getting a trophy for best decorated bike.  It’s great fun for the whole community and makes me appreciate my neighbors and the town’s people.

The town that my BFF lives in down in North Carolina have their annual Parade and Fireworks over the Halloween weekend. All the kids can dress up in there Halloween costumes and join in the Parade showing off their costumes, which always makes the parents feel as if they are getting more for their time and money for what they put out and put into that year’s Halloween costumes. It’s usually decent weather at that time of the year down there so the kids don’t have to be all bundled up to where you can’t even see their costumes.

This picture is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen when it comes to parades!

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A Picture Is Worth A Million Dollars!


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