Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are the holidays of candy season. But when Easter is over, we will have a long dry spell without a holiday that includes or features sweets and my favorite, dark chocolate. So what is a person to do for the sweet tooth between now and the end of October? I say we should have a designated day every month for candy, what ever types of candy there is out there. What a great way to sample various sweets for the sweets. Maybe toward the end of the month as a nice reward for having a good month.

I’d love to place a standing order with a place like Gertrude Hawk’s Chocolates for a monthly delivery of some of the chocolates they make. Like one month it could be their delicious peppermint patties. Then the next month is could be their cherry cordials that are so nicely wrapped in their rich dark chocolate. And the next month I’d like the Salt Sea caramels. It’s a great idea – chocolate of the month for a well done month. It could catch on! It seems that just about every day of the calendar year is being celebrated for something!


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